No COVID-19 Cases In Camp Rukban.

Ten miles away from an American military base in Syria is Camp Rukban. Here 8,000 refugees are starving and isolated from the outside world.  The only good news amidst this horrible situation is the zero cases of COVID- 19 in the camp.

Camp Rukban used to be home to over 30,000 people, who fled there from all parts of Syria. Thousands of refugees have since returned to their wartorn homes –where they face detention, torture, or execution. Surviving off of smuggled bits of food, the remaining refugees are begging the outside world for help. But they have received very little aid. Despite this, the Jordanian government has continued to admit more refugees to Rukban, without increasing food or aid.  Doing this means there is a high risk of COVID-19 spreading in the camp. These refugees are in desperate need of assistance.   The pandemic has spared them so far— but because of the dire situation and the influx of refugees, their luck may soon run out.

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