General David E. Greer Scholarship Fund

Have you ever longed for something?

Imagine experiencing that feeling with something as important as education.

Education impacts your entire life. Out of the 7.2 million refugee children throughout the world, only 3.7 million have the opportunity to attend school. Globally 91% of children attend elementary school, whereas only 63% of refugee children have this opportunity; of that 63%, only 24% attend high school.

Education protects and empowers refugees

Education protects refugee children from forced recruitment into armed groups, child labor, and sexual exploitation.  Education empowers refugees by giving them the knowledge and skills to rebuild their lives and communities.

Are you wondering how you can help these children?

This is where American FRRME comes in.

Our beloved executive director, General David E. Greer, sadly passed away this past year. His vision was to help refugees empower themselves and improve their lives through education.

In loving memory of General Greer’s commitment to service and education, American FRRME has established a tribute to honor his legacy; an annual scholarship that would enable dedicated, hardworking Iraqi refugee students to attend school. This scholarship would provide opportunities for students to study and access education. This was very important to General Greer.

We want to fulfill his vision. Will you join us in bringing life to his vision by donating to the General David E. Greer scholarship fund?
Any amount helps!

General David E. Greer